UK Electronics Watch Webinar: Modern Slavery in the Electronics Supply Chain?

According to the International Labour Organization about 21 million men, women and children around the world work in conditions of slavery and forced labour today. Documented forced labour practices in the electronics industry include student "intern" workers in China who are forced to work as regular workers for one or two years in order to obtain their educational diplomas, and excessive recruitment fees and deceptive recruitment practices resulting in debt bondage among electronics workers in Malaysia.

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Electronics Watch Monitoring: Focus on Mexico

"Last year I suffered from hypotension.  We worked five weeks in a row, weekends included, nonstop, so we could then exchange these days and get our December holidays. We were also working overtime. People got so burnt out they did not want to stay, simply because they could not stand it anymore. It was physically impossible to continue to work."

—Manuel, electronics worker, interview by CEREAL

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