Sponsor the Annual Conference 2021

Would you consider sponsoring the conference?

The Electronics Watch annual conference is our marquee event of the year.  It brings together leading practitioners in the field of socially responsible public procurement, experts in international labour rights, and grassroots workplace monitors from electronics production regions around the world. It is a unique opportunity to meet face to face with experts who investigate the factories where electronics products are made, and to learn how to address workers' concerns in the procurement process.

Sponsors help pay for:

  • Electronics Watch monitors from China, India, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan and elsewhere to travel to the conference and share their insights on the electronics industry.
  • A sustainable conference, with fair trade beverages and refreshments, recycled materials, a minimum of waste, and carbon offsets for those traveling from afar.
  • The behind the scenes logistical support—the unsung heroines and heroes who help make events like this a success.

A wide range of organisations that support the Electronics Watch mission can sponsor the conference, including affiliates, academic institutions, and other public sector organisations.  However, Electronics Watch safeguards its independence as a monitoring organization; therefore, no organisation that could have a material stake in the outcome of an Electronics Watch investigation can sponsor the conference.

You can sponsor at three levels:


€3,000 contribution, and involvement in the organising and promotion of the conference.

What you get:

  • Logo on the conference invitation, front page of the conference program, mailings and website.
  • Five guaranteed places at the conference.
  • Invitation to speak at the opening session as co-organiser.


€1,500 contribution.

What you get:

  • Logo on the conference website and programme.
  • Special thanks at opening session.
  • Three guaranteed places at the conference.


€500 contribution.

What you get:

  • Logo on the conference website and programme.
  • Two guaranteed places at the conference.

For more information about the conference and sponsorship opportunities please contact Martina.