Contract Performance & Due Diligence

Electronics Watch Contract Conditions is an effective tool for public buyers to ensure social responsibility in their electronics supply chains.

Contract performance management rather than certification

The goal of any one contract for electronics products is to detect breaches and help improve conditions for workers who make the products. The Electronics Watch Contract Conditions establish the legal framework for this process.

Contract performance management allows for long-term engagement with contractors and for sustainable processes of change during the entire duration of the contract.

Electronics Watch does not certify or rate products, factories, or companies for compliance with labour rights and safety standards. No company can claim complete compliance in its supply chain.

Effective due diligence

According to the UN Guiding Principles Reporting Framework, human rights due diligence is an ongoing risk management process that a reasonable and prudent company needs to follow in order to identify, prevent, mitigate and account for how it addresses its adverse human rights impacts.

The Electronics Watch Contract Conditions and accompanying Contractor Guidance makes that risk management process concrete, enforceable, and effective.

Contractors must achieve specific outcomes within their direct control, or demonstrate effective due diligence towards achieving them. These outcomes serve to promote compliance with the Electronics Watch Code of Labour Standards, supply chain transparency; and factory cooperation with Electronics Watch monitors.