Why affiliate?

Our goals

  1. Public buyers use their leverage to drive improvements for workers in their supply chains
  2. Companies in public supply chains are held accountable for human rights violations
  3. Workers in public supply chains are able to organise and to realise their rights

What we offer

  • Procurement tools and resources
  • A platform for collaboration and learning
  • Industry-independent monitoring
  • Cost and time savings by sharing monitors
  • Unified requirements for electronics suppliers
  • Industry engagement expertise

What affiliates gain

  • Increased transparency
  • Measurable improvements in socially responsible public procurement of electronics hardware
  • Visible leadership among public buyers
  • Insights into risks and violations beyond social audits
  • Greater leverage over electronics suppliers

What does it cost?

Our affiliation dues structure has three bands, which reflects different amounts of annual spending on electronics hardware and different affiliation models, described below. All affiliates are required to report their annual ICT hardware spend each year throughout the duration of their affiliation. Every two years, Electronics Watch assesses the need to adjust affiliation dues to account for changes in inflation.

Band A: A single institution that spends less than €5 million annually on ICT hardware

Institutions that spend less than €5 million annually on ICT hardware fall under Band A. These institutions pay 1.05% of their average annual ICT hardware spend or €5,250, whichever is lower. €3,150 is the minimum that any organisation can pay in affiliation dues.

  • Example: An organisation that spends an average of €300,000 on ICT hardware will pay €3,150 in affiliation dues. An organisation that spends €3,000,000 will pay €5,250.

Band B: A single institution that spends €5 million or more annually on ICT hardware

Institutions that spend €5 million or more annually on ICT hardware fall under Band B. These institutions pay 0.105% of their average annual ICT hardware spend.

Band C: Procurement consortia and framework authorities

Procurement consortia, framework authorities and other similar organisations pay 0.105% of the combined annual average spend of all of its members on in-scope ICT hardware or €5,250, whichever is higher. These costs can be distributed in any way the consortium decides.

How to affiliate?

Affiliating to Electronics Watch is easy:

  1. Measure the volume of your annual procurement of ICT hardware.
  2. Request an affiliation offer by contacting Peter Pawlicki or Kate Sullivan.
  3. Sign the offer and pay your dues within 30 days.

Your commitment

As an affiliate, you commit to taking the following steps:

  1. Appoint a contact person to liaise with Electronics Watch.
  2. Annually, provide Electronics Watch with a list of the top 10 ICT hardware products your organization procures by volume.
  3. Engage contractors with the aims of increasing transparency, strengthening due diligence, and remediating rights violations in your electronics supply chains.