Electronics Watch has 1514* public sector affiliates in 12 countries, of which 35 are directly affiliated and 1470 are affiliated through a purchasing consortium, network or framework authority.

Affiliates use the monitoring services of Electronics Watch to achieve increasing compliance with labour rights and safety standards in the supply chains of the ICT hardware goods they purchase.

Purchasing consortia can affiliate to Electronics Watch on behalf of their member bodies, who in turn become Consortium Affiliates of Electronics Watch, enjoying access to the same reports and tools at a reduced cost.

* Until recently, Electronics Watch communicated that it had 400+ affiliates. This figure reflected our reticence to equate organisations who affiliate to Electronics Watch and engage with us in different ways. For instance, some organisations affiliate directly as a single institution while others, like Purchasing Consortia, affiliate directly on behalf of their members. This estimation did not, unfortunately, reflect our current growth in affiliates and could have given the impression that some affiliates were more worthy of being counted than others. To address these concerns, we have revised how we count and communicate about the number of Electronics Watch affiliates. Today, those who are counted as affiliates are organisations who are entitled to our services and whom we can represent in the industry engagement process. This figure does not reflect distinctions between organisations based on how they engage with or affiliate to Electronics Watch.