Industry Engagement

In March 2021, after two years of negotiations with affiliates, monitoring partners and experts, Electronics Watch and The Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) entered into a formal agreement to address issues in the global supply chains of RBA members where products are manufactured for public procurement.


The RBA is an industry coalition whose vision is to drive sustainable value for workers, the environment and business throughout the global supply chain. Members of the RBA commit to improving conditions for workers in their own factories and those of their suppliers by ensuring compliance with the RBA Code of Conduct.

The Terms of Engagement facilitate effective collaboration between the two organisations, after Electronics Watch has delivered a monitoring report. The aim is to improve industry compliance with relevant labour regulations and internationally recognised codes and workers rights standards.

An annual review of the Terms of Engagement enables Electronics Watch and the RBA to improve on their collaboration over time, building on lessons learnt and feedback from their respective constituencies.

In March 2023, Electronics Watch and the RBA signed a new version of the Terms of Engagement. Read a one page summary here.