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(EXTRACT) "Another alarming development in the past few weeks has been the move to suspend various labour laws by several state governments including Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat, among others. This has been justified as necessary to revive industrial activity and attract more foreign investment. (...) If implemented, the changes would also allow for higher labour flexibility and a hire-and-fire policy to be adopted, along with increased working hours and overtime, third-party inspections, and simplified registration and license procedures. More significantly, existing judicial mechanisms will be rendered effectively redundant from the perspective of labour-related disputes. In the absence of essential labour laws that were already otherwise poorly implemented, workers will simply be left with no legal avenue to avail entitlements or bring up employment-related grievances."




Protecting Chinese Workers' Rights During the 2020 Epidemic: Guidance for Public Buyers, Electronics Watch and Economic Rights Institute (February, 2020)

Guidance for public buyers to help protect the rights of workers in their supply chains affected by the epidemic.