Freedom of Association Summit 2021


Day 1. Freedom of Association, the Climate Crisis, and Modern Slavery

Tuesday November 30 Speakers

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What is the connection between the freedom of association, the climate crisis, and modern slavery? Is it possible to solve the climate crisis or end modern slavery when workers cannot exercise their fundamental rights to organize and bargain collectively? Join this illuminating discussion with trade unionists, Electronics Watch monitoring partners and academic researchers.


Day 2. What is Freedom of Association?  Challenges to organising in electronics supply chains.

Wednesday December 1 Speakers

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Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining are two of the most important worker rights. But what exactly should a company do or not do to respect those rights? Why can so few workers in the electronics industry freely exercise these rights? This session offers insights from regions that present special challenges to the freedom of association, including both manufacturing and mining regions.


Day 3. How to Verify Freedom of Association in the Public Procurement Process

Thursday December 2 Speakers

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Unions commonly report severe obstacles for workers who seek to organize or join unions and low unionization rates in the electronics industry. Companies, by contrast, rarely report on non-compliances with the freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining in their supply chains. Where does this leave public buyers? How can they verify if these rights are in fact upheld in their supply chains? In this session, we explore verification options for independent monitors and verification standards for public buyers. We also learn from public buyers’ practical experiences to promote a meaningful voice for workers in their supply chains.


Day 4. How to Remedy Violations of Freedom of Association

Friday December 3 Speakers

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When the freedom of association and right to collective bargaining is violated in public buyer supply chains, what is the path to remedy? What is the role of the public buyers, the private sector buyers, the factory, and the union? In this session we learn about remedy from trade unionists who discuss electronics industry cases in the Philippines and Czechia. We then discuss how public administrations can build support for those types of remedies and how they can be addressed in practical terms in the public procurement process.

Summit Session 1: "Freedom of Association, the Climate Crisis, and Modern Slavery"

Summit Session 2: "What is Freedom of Association? Challenges to organising in electronics supply chains."

Summit Session 4: "How to Remedy Violations of Freedom of Association"