Conference Programme 2018

Tuesday 11th December, 9.00 – 17.30

Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam

9.00  Welcome from Electronics Watch and the conference co-organizers

9.30 - Thematic Session I (led by Sheung So, LESN/Electronics Watch, BHRE & Angus Warren, APUC):

Supply Chain Transparency

Supply chain transparency is fundamental to socially responsible public procurement, and is discussed extensively within civil society, industry, and academia. Yet, there is little agreement on just what it means for a company to be transparent about their supply chain.  In this session we will review different standards on transparency from workers’ perspectives. Do these standards on supply chain transparency ultimately benefit workers?  What kind of information and resources do workers in different situations require to ensure their safety and protect their rights? Interventions by Valérie Bronchi (PAIR), Anne-Marie van den Berg (University Medical Centre Utrecht) and Alejandro Gonzalez (Good Electronics).

10.45   Networking break

11.30 - Thematic Session II (led by Pauline Göthberg, Stockholm County Council & Dimitri Kessler, Economic Rights Institute):

Purchasing Practices and Working Conditions

Civil society, public buyers, and industry increasingly recognise that purchasing practices at one end of supply chain can impact conditions for workers at another end.  Root causes of non-compliance with labour, safety and environmental standards in a workplace can lie in the broader terms of purchase, order, and delivery between a lead firm and its suppliers.  In the electronics industry, for example, high levels of precarious flexible employment practices may be linked to cyclical orders, short time-to-market requirements, transfer of risks to subcontractors, and cost-cutting.  Is there a role for public buyers to identify and address purchasing practices that may contribute to harm to workers up the supply chain? Interventions by Mike Kilner (LUPC) and Sanjiv Pandita (ANROEV).

12.45   Lunch

14.00 - Technical workshops (choose between A, B or C):

A) The new, second generation Electronics Watch contract clauses (led by David Hansom, Clyde & Co. with input from Anna Lupi, European Commission): learn how public buyers incorporate them in IT contracts, how contractors comply, and what has changed since the first generation clauses.

B) Launch of the Electronics Watch Company Performance Tracker (led by Peter Pawlicki, Electronics Watch with input from Karin Mader, BfA): learn how major brands are performing on transparency and factory improvement and how public buyers can use this new tool to improve social responsibility in procurement.

C) Recent guidance and legislation on human rights due diligence in global supply chains (led by Johanna Hoekstra, BHRE with input from Francesca Livesey, Crown Commercial Service): learn about cutting edge legislation and initiatives in the Netherlands, the UK, France, Germany, and elsewhere and how they impact public buyers.

15.15   Break

15.45 - Thematic Session III (led by Daisy Arago, CTUHR & Gopinathan Parakuni, Cividep):

Social dialogue and Workers’ Voices

Social dialogue is defined by the ILO to include all types of negotiation, consultation or simply exchange of information between, or among, representatives of governments, employers and workers, on issues of common interest relating to economic and social policy.  It can be an essential process toward meaningful and sustainable improvements of working conditions in a workplace. In the electronics industry, what does effective social dialogue look like? Is there a role for public buyers to advance social dialogue? Interventions by Sein Htay (MWRN), Ha Kim (CDI) and Kathleen McCaughey (Stockholm County Council).

17.00   Connections—Concluding the Conference


17.30   Come along to the onsite De Tropen Restaurant for a post conference festive Glühwein and wind-down!

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