2017 Jul 13

New Regional Risk Assessments on the Electronics Industry in China and the Philippines

Electronics Watch is happy to release two regional risk assessments, previously confidential to affiliates. The Regional Risk Assessment of the Electronics Industry in China (October 2016, carried out by Economic Rights Institute, Globalization Monitor, and Labour Education Services Network) and the Regional Risk Assessment of the Semiconductor and Electronics Industry in the Philippines (December 2016, by the Center for Trade Union and Human Rights), are posted on the resources section of the Electronics Watch website. The former finds risks of forced labour, discrimination against women workers, underpayment of social security obligations, and abusive termination of employment. Both assessments point to health and safety hazards, violations of collective bargaining rights, and illegal working hours. A risk assessment tool reflecting the findings in the Risk Assessments is available to affiliates.

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2017 Jul 12

Worker-Driven Monitoring in China?

The Electronics Watch monitoring methodology is worker-driven monitoring. Workers' needs and priorities guide our monitoring.  Our goal is that workers should be able to bring a complaint and initiate an investigation, be informed of the investigatory findings, and involved in developing solutions. How can this methodology be implemented in the electronics industry in China? In late April, 2017, representatives of more than a dozen organisations in mainland China and Hong Kong gathered to explore this question and to do monitoring skill building.

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2017 Jul 6

Combating Precarious Work in the Electronics Industry: Monitoring, Webinars, and the 2017 Electronics Watch Conference

Because precarious work so profoundly impacts workers' day-to-day work experience, restricts their possibility for a voice in the workplace, and undermines their economic security, Electronics Watch seeks to identify, mitigate and prevent harm to workers associated with precarious work arrangements, whether legal or illegal.  Following are some of the activities that are being conducted specifically around this theme.

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