Procurement tools and studies

    Guidance for Remediation and Prevention of Migrant Worker Recruitment Fees and Related Costs in Public Procurement, April 2019

    This guidance for remediation and prevention of migrant worker recruitment fees and related costs is intended as a framework to help public buyers detect when the recruitment of migrant workers at any point in their supply chains creates risk of forced labour through debt bondage; guide suppliers in detecting, remedying and preventing recruitment fees and related costs charged to migrant workers; and ensure appropriate remedy when migrant workers face risk of debt bondage caused by recruitment fees and related costs.

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    Guidelines on Best Practices Preventing Eye Strain in the Examination of Screens, October 2018

    Employees who examine screens for blemishes under bright lights in large electronics suppliers have reported to Electronics Watch that their eyesight declines within a shortperiod of time. Their only recourse, some of them have told researchers, is to resign fromtheir jobs. These Guidelines to mitigate, prevent and remedy eye strain are intended toensure these workers and others who work under similar conditions do not need to resign in order to protect their health.

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    The Electronics Watch Contractor Guidance, September 2017

    The Electronics Watch Contractor Guidance is a detailed and comprehensive due diligence guide for ICT hardware contractors that sell products to public sector buyers.  It is designed to help these contractors comply with the Electronics Watch Contract Conditions and similar contract performance standards that aim to improve working conditions in factories that make the goods public sector organisations buy.  The Guidance defines 11 concrete outcomes to enhance supply chain transparency, industry cooperation with independent monitors, and factory compliance with labour rights and safety standards. Contractors must achieve outcomes within their direct control, and demonstrate effective due diligence towards achieving other outcomes. See praise for the Contractor Guidance from experts and public sector buyers here.

    The Electronics Watch Contractor Guidance is also available in Catalan and French.

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    Public Procurement & Human Rights Due Diligence: A Case Study of the Swedish County Councils and the Dell Computer Corporation, February, 2016

    This Electronics Watch study of the Swedish county councils' experience in working with its IT contractor, Atea, and subcontractor, Dell, to respect workers' rights in China contains valuable lessons for public sector buyers that seek to ensure respect for labour rights in their global supply chains.

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    Briefing note: Electronics Watch: Supporting Compliance with the Modern Slavery Act

    Are you a public sector buyer in the UK looking for tools to help you comply with the Modern Slavery Act? Or are you simply looking for the most effective ways of eliminating human trafficking, slavery, and forced labour from your supply chain?  Electronics Watch can help with your ICT hardware supply chain.  This memo explains how.

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    The UK Higher Education and National Apple Equipment and Services Framework Agreement

    The latest UK Higher Education Framework Agreement for Apple products includes the Electronics Watch Contract Conditions.  Here is a summary of  the contractors' responsibilities under these Conditions.

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