Venue: Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona

Calle Montalegre, 5, Barcelona How to get there

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Registration, coffee and seating


Welcome from the City of Barcelona, Electronics Watch and the conference co-organizers


Opening panel: The Climate and Human Rights Emergency: A Challenge for Public Procurement.

Daisy Arago (Center for Trade Union and Human Rights, Philippines), Sanjiv Pandita (Asian Network for the Rights of Occupational and Environmental Victims, Hong Kong), David Llistar (Ajuntament de Barcelona).


Topical Area I: Make ICT Fair in the Minerals Supply Chain.

Shigeru Tanaka (Pacific Asia Resource Centre, Japan), Alberto Vázquez Ruiz (Catapa). Moderator: Peter Pawlicki (Electronics Watch).


Refreshments & networking


Technical workshops (choose between A, B or C):

A) How to Remediate and Prevent Modern Slavery: Advances in Policy, Theory and Practice.

Justine Nolan (University of New South Wales) and Andy Hall (Migrant Worker Rights Expert)

B) Health and Safety in the Electronics Industry: Key Standards and Principles to Protect Workers, the Environment and the Climate.

Kathleen McCaughey (Region Stockholm), Ted Smith (International Campaign for Responsible Technology), Amanda Hawes (Expert on electronics industry accountability for workplace toxics).

C) What is Supply Chain Transparency? Indicators and Tools for Public Buyers.

Olga Martin-Ortega (Business, Human Rights and the Environment Research Group), Gopinathan Parakuni (Civil Initiatives for Development and Peace, India), Björn Claeson (Electronics Watch).




Topical Area II: Workers and Public Buyers Come Together to Fight Forced Labour.

Joseph Paul (Tenaganita, Malaysia), Tim Rudin (Greater London Authority), Cindy Berman (Ethical Trading Initiative). Moderator: Pauline Overeem (The Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations - SOMO)


Refreshments & networking


Concluding Panel: On the Frontier of Public Procurement and Responsible Business Conduct - Academic, Policy and Workers’ Perspectives.

Gale Raj-Reichert (Berlin Social Science Centre), Dimitri Kessler (Economic Rights Institute, Hong Kong), Pauline Göthberg (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development). Moderator: Andy Davies (Natural History Museum).




End of conference