Staff & Country Reps

Björn Claeson - Director Based in Sweden, Björn has more than 15 years experience addressing public procurement and labour rights in global supply chains.  He cofounded the US national advocacy network SweatFree Communities, which has been instrumental in dozens of state and local campaign successes aimed at using taxpayer money to protect workers' rights in global supply chains.  He helped set up a US national network of public sector buyers, the Sweatfree Purchasing Consortium, to encourage public sector buyers to address labour rights in global supply chains collaboratively. Björn also served as Senior Policy Analyst with the Washington DC based International Labor Rights Forum, authoring several reports on labour rights and safety in Bangladeshi apparel factories.   He is trained in cultural anthropology with a Ph. D. from the Johns Hopkins University.

Martina Hooper - Director of Administration and Communication Based in Barcelona, Martina led the €1million EC project for the development of Electronics Watch since its conception, and has worked on labour rights projects for the last 10 years - first at Birmingham City Council's International Department, and subsequently at the Spanish NGO SETEM, where she has led multi-country projects on the topics of labour rights and socially responsible public procurement in the garment and electronics industries. She has spent time working for NGOs in Peru and Sierra Leone, and has a BA degree in Philosophy & French from Leeds University, and an MSc degree in International Development Studies from the School of Oriental & African Studies, London.

Peter Pawlicki - Director of Outreach and Education Based in Germany, Peter has more 10 years of experience researching the globalisation of the electronics industry and its effects on working conditions and labour rights. He has been part of several international research projects on contract manufacturing and has co-authored, "From Silicon Valley to Shenzhen: Global Production and Work in the IT Industry."  Before coming to Electronics Watch he coordinated European Social Fund-financed projects at IG Metall, focusing on works council trainings. Peter has an MA in Political Science and PhD in Sociology from Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe University, having focused his doctorate on "Engineers and Work in Global Design Networks of the Semiconductor Industry."

Eelco Fortuijn - Representative of Electronics Watch in The Netherlands, hosted by SOMO Based in Amsterdam, Eelco has more than 15 years experience addressing fairness and sustainability in global supply chains. He founded Fairfood: a non­profit catalyst for change towards a fair and sustainable food system. As director of he created the Garment-checker, a sustainability ranking of 300 garment brands. He has advised members of parliament on improved policies and legislation on transparency and CSR and has supported various companies and institutions in selecting and improving their CSR-policies and practices. He was also member of the Food & Agriculture Committee of Experts of Milieukeur. He has an MSc degree in Business Administration from the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Harpreet Paul - Representative of Electronics Watch in the UK, hosted by People and Planet Harpreet qualified as a solicitor in September 2010, having undertaken her training contract at Lawrence Graham LLP (now Gowling WLG LLP) where she practised procurement law, among other areas. She then went onto work for Global Policy Forum, Amnesty International and REDRESS. She currently works for People & Planet, supporting Electronics Watch, and also at the Business, Human Rights and Environment Research Group at Greenwich University. Harpreet has a law degree from King's College London, and a LL.M degree from Birkbeck.

Laia Fargas - Representative of Electronics Watch in Spain, hosted by SETEM Catalunya Laia has a Bachelor degree in law from the Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona and postgraduate studies in Politics, Human Rights, Globalization and Development Economics from the Catholic University of Uruguay and the University of Barcelona. She has experience working for several human rights organisations in Latin America, including Amnesty International. At SETEM she coordinates projects to defend labour rights in electronics, including the organization of the annual Mobile Social Congress in Barcelona.

Nuala Keyser - Accountant Based in Amsterdam, Nuala has more than 18 years relevant experience in the financial sector. After working with an accounting firm for over 11 years, she choose to start her own business in accounting and focused on non-profit organizations. For Electronics Watch, Nuala is responsible for daily financial (project) administration. She assists in drafting budgets, interim internal financial reports and the annual accounts. Nuala holds a degree in AA Accountancy from the Hanzehogeschool Groningen.