Why affiliate?

If you are a public sector buyer, affiliate to Electronics Watch to help protect the rights and safety of electronics workers around the world, and to achieve your own goals for socially responsible and sustainable procurement.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Access to an extensive international network of monitoring organisations, trusted by workers.
  • The capacity to investigate and reduce risks of labour, safety, and related human rights violations in electronics contractors’ supply chains.
  • The tools to combine market influence with other public buyers across Europe to create more sustainable supply chains.
  • The ability to achieve goals for socially responsible and sustainable public procurement at low cost through a unique cost and information sharing network.
  • Support for front-line procurement staff to engage contractors on social responsibility in supply chains.

All affiliates have a voice in Electronics Watch through their representatives on the Board of Trustees.  We also encourage affiliates to participate in advisory boards and working groups. The first 25 members, the Founding Members, receive permanent recognition as pioneers in the field of Socially Responsible Public Procurement on the Electronics Watch website and in media communications.

Reliable Intelligence, Sustainable Change

Electronics Watch serves as the “eyes and ears on the ground” for affiliates, working with trained and qualified local civil society organisations who undertake continuous intelligence gathering through trusted relationships with workers.  Electronics Watch monitors are experts in several areas, including international, regional and national labour law; occupational health and safety; audits of financial and personnel records; operating independent hotlines or complaint mechanisms; and worker interviewing.  They must also be independent from the industry.

By working closely with civil society organisations in electronics production regions, Electronics Watch strives to strengthen workers’ own voices to report on and address safety and labour rights issues. The premise is that workers are the best monitors because they are on site all day, every day; they know the process and problems of normal operations; they have ideas for resolving safety and labour rights problems; and they can verify whether corrections are implemented and actually work.  In short, when workers are active partners in the monitoring process you get better, more reliable monitoring reports, and lay the foundation for sustainable change.

Efficiency and Low Cost

Electronics Watch is a unique cost and information sharing system that reduces your cost to meet policy and strategic goals for socially responsible and sustainable public procurement, and to improve supply chain reliability in a risky environment.

Thorough monitoring of even a small section of the factories producing electronics products for your organisation could be cost-prohibitive were you to shoulder the cost alone. Electronics Watch’s monitoring network and experience help organisations to cover more ground with fewer resources.  We help affiliates to understand risk across the supply chain, to share monitoring costs for in-depth investigations focused on high-risk factories and locations, and to combine market influence with other public buyers across Europe for change.

Support for Front-Line Procurement Staff

You may have seen media or NGO reports about poor conditions in the electronics industry, but how do you know if the reports are relevant to your supply chain and whether or not the factories or brands have adequately addressed the issues?  As an Electronics Watch affiliate, you have your own monitoring organisation, operating entirely independently of the industry.  We provide you with the knowledge base to engage with contractors on social responsibility in the supply chain and can also engage directly with contractors on your behalf, saving you time and money.

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