2018 December 3

Best Practice Guidelines to Protect Workers’ Eye Sight

Employees who examine screens for blemishes under bright lights in large electronics suppliers' sites have reported to Electronics Watch that their eyesight declines within a short period of time.  Their only recourse, some of them have told researchers, is to resign from their jobs.  Electronics Watch has developed Guidelines to mitigate, prevent and remedy eye strain to ensure these workers and others who work under similar conditions do not need to resign in order to protect their health.

The Guidelines suggest strategies to mitigate, prevent and remedy eye strain by involving those most impacted by this problem, the workers themselves. Respecting workers' right to information and participation in developing, assessing and reviewing Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) practices is key. The Guidelines require identification of risks through hazard analysis and risk assessment that includes understanding the source, intensity, exposure situation and duration of exposure. An OSH programme should be established with an OSH Committee that includes specialist advisors and workers who will have oversight on the implementation of an action plan addressing the root causes of eye strain.