2023 January 30

Electronics Watch Staff Goes from Strength to Strength

Electronics Watch is delighted to give an official welcome to four new full time staff members who joined in the last quarter of 2022. Director of Monitoring, Fabrice Warneck, Manager of Monitoring Capacity, Aykut Kazanci and Programme Assistants, Petra Krčmářová and Haëndila Varela, will all play a vital role servicing our affiliates and supporting workers to defend their rights.

Director of Monitoring - Fabrice Warneck

Fabrice has worked for French, European and global unions in several sectors for 15 years. He was involved in promoting best value in public procurements via European social dialogue achievements between employers and trade unions. He is specialised in industrial relations, comparative labour law and international project management.

Manager of Monitoring Capacity - Aykut Kazanci

Aykut has long been an expert consultant on supply chain risk areas with a plethora of experience as a quality, safety and social compliance lead auditor. He has been trained on ISO based management system standards.

Programme Assistant - Petra Krčmářová

Petra has previously worked in the non-profit sector in the area of education, energy efficiency, product safety and compliance with EU legislation. Her expertise lies in the management and administration of large international projects including contract management, project participants support as well as research and data management.

Programme Assistant - Haëndila Varela

Haëndila has experience providing legal and programme management support to human rights organizations in Switzerland, France and South Africa. She also has experience in budget management, the organization of events and providing administrative and logistical support.