2022 July 7

Launch of the Low Emission Vehicle Programme

A group of seven pioneering public buyers have joined forces with Electronics Watch to expand our successful impact model to protect the rights of workers in the automotive supply chain, from mines to battery assembly. The EU Clean Vehicles Directive coupled with citizen demand are increasing public buyer focus on this sector. The recently launched Low Emission Vehicle (LEV) programme will develop tools and resources for public buyers to push for measurable improvements in the sector and its supply chains.

The LEV supply chain overlaps considerably with that of ICT (semiconductors and minerals). Electronics Watch will apply the expertise we have developed in monitoring mines and semiconductor factories. Initial locations are the tin mines in Bolivia, cobalt mines in DR Congo and semiconductor factories in Taiwan. We will begin to monitor battery factories at a later stage of the programme. Industry engagement based on the resulting monitoring reports will facilitate remediation for workers and affected communities.

The public buyers that have joined the programme are: The Cities of Barcelona, Oslo and Hamburg, the Flemish Government Agency for Facilities and Operations and Transport for London. Advanced Procurement for Universities and Colleges (UK) and the Federal Institute for Sustainable Development (FIDO, Belgium) participate in the programme as observers, given they don't actively purchase vehicles. We look forward to welcoming other public buyers interested in joining this programme (please contact Rocío Paniagua).