Project Partners

Electronics Watch is the result of a €1 million European Commission funded project from 2013-2015, led by the NGO SETEM Catalunya. Other project partners were Centrum CSR (Poland), DanWatch (Denmark), People and Planet (UK), SOMO (Netherlands), Südwind (Austria), and WEED (Germany). This consortium conducted research on the electronics industry and developed model contract clauses, a code of labour standards, and other procurement tools consistent with EU public procurement directives. They fostered dialogue and educational forums with public sector buyers in many regions across Europe and recruited the first affiliates to Electronics Watch. The project ended in 2015 and Electronics Watch is now an organisation independent from the original project partners.

Make ICT Fair (2017 - 2020)

Electronics Watch is currently one of ten partner organisations in the three year project Make ICT Fair - Reforming Manufacture & Minerals Supply Chains through Policy, Finance & Public Procurement, which received three million euros funding from the European Commission. The partners are: The University of Edinburgh; Sudwind; People and Planet; SETEM Catalunya; ICLEI, CEE Bankwatch, Le Monde Diplomatique, Swedwatch, Towards Sustainability Action.

The overall objective of the project is to increase EU citizen knowledge of EU development cooperation within the context of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); Raise awareness & understanding of EU citizens/decision makers about the interdependencies between the Global South and Europe, Mobilise EU citizens/decision makers & ICT purchasers/procurers working in the EU Public Sector to improve workers'/communities' rights and conditions in the ICT industry.

Electronics Watch is responsible for advocacy & lobbying of public bodies and capacity building of public authorities & southern monitoring partners. The grant allows us to deepen current work, and also to develop ways to address responsible mining issues with affiliates.