2020 March 2

Protecting Chinese workers’ rights during the 2020 epidemic - guidance for public buyers

The new, flu-like virus first observed in China is now a worldwide epidemic with serious consequences and risks for workers' rights. The epidemic's effects will extend well beyond the risk of people becoming ill. Limits on people's mobility will obstruct their return to work, resulting in a loss of income for everyone involved. People will struggle with the restrictive environment of monitoring and quarantining. Electronics Watch and the Economic Rights Institute have released guidance for public buyers to help protect the rights of workers in their supply chains affected by the epidemic.

The guidance includes the following recommendations:

  • Discuss your suppliers’ need for flexibility
  • Ensure your suppliers’ response to and policies related to the epidemic address the key risks for workers in your supply chains
  • Explore how suppliers expect to comply with the Chinese government’s regulations to protect workers during the epidemic (Notice #5)
  • Urge monitoring methods sensitive to workers’ situation

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