Stories of Change

Improving Conditions for Migrant Workers in Central Europe

In February 2016, following complaints of breaches of labour standards at a Foxconn factory in Czech Republic, Electronics Watch partners conducted investigations. Electronics Watch has been working with Foxconn, HP and local workers' rights organisations to address issues of job insecurity and unpredictable work... (read more)


Ending Forced Student Labour in a Server Factory in Southern China

In October 2015, Electronics Watch and its affiliates learned about severe labour rights violations including forced labour risks at a large server manufacturer in China. Some students were forced to perform an internship unrelated to their vocational aspirations as a requirement for graduation... (read more)


Compensating Migrant Workers in Thailand and Reducing Risk of Debt Bondage

In October 2016, Electronics Watch and affiliates received intelligence from the Migrant Workers Rights Network (MWRN) that migrant workers from Myanmar at an electronics factory in Thailand were having their passports and other identity documents withheld and charged unlawful and extortionate recruitment fees... (read more)