2019 September 12

Third UK Universities Purchasing Consortium affiliates on behalf of all member organisations

The North West Universities Purchasing Consortium (NWUPC) has become the third UK Universities Purchasing Consortium to affiliate to Electronics Watch on behalf of all (32) member organisations, and the eighth consortium in Europe.

Helen Dodd-Williams, Head of Contracting, said

"NWUPC Ltd is excited to be joining Electronics Watch as further demonstration of our commitment to ensuring transparency within our supply chains. We feel that this is an area where we can have a tangible impact on those involved with the production of goods that we typically buy in volumes that can be aggregated to have a huge value."

"We are also pleased to be able to extend this association to our institutions as an additional benefit of NWUPC membership. This means that as NWUPC members they can demonstrate to their stakeholders that they take the potential risks in their supply chains seriously and are committed to taking positive action."

Electronics Watch is delighted to welcome NWUPC to the network of affiliates and looks forward to the collaboration.