Vision and Mission

Electronics Watch envisions a world in which the rights of all workers in the electronics supply chain are respected, workers' voices are heard, and working conditions are safe and decent.

The mission of Electronics Watch is to help public sector organisations work together and collaborate with civil society monitors in production regions to protect the rights of workers in their electronics supply chains.

This requires that all electronics supply chains connected to public procurement, from mining to manufacturing, include:

  • Public buyers exercising social responsibility and making a tangible, measurable positive impact for workers that make the goods they buy;
  • Civil society organisations and democratic trade unions in production regions accessing industrial zones and workplaces to support workers in attaining their rights;
  • Employers complying fully with all applicable domestic and international labour rights and safety standards; and
  • Brand companies and resellers disclosing suppliers and compliance data to the fullest extent possible and taking effective action to remedy labour rights and safety breaches in their supply chains.