Why affiliate?

By affiliating to Electronics Watch, you:

  • Gain unparalleled capacity to follow up on contractual demands for compliance with labour and safety standards in your electronics supply chains through an on-the-ground monitoring network now spanning major electronics production regions worldwide
  • Become part of a growing network of public buyers (see list of current affiliates) with growing purchasing power and the strength to make a real difference for workers
  • Get support, advice, templates and toolkits to help frontline procurement staff

Watch the below webinar and hear from experienced public sector bodies about their journey to greater transparency in their supply chains and the difference it's making. Learn about how you could help your workplace do the same.

Benefits package

  • Risk assessments based on regions and factories as well as full factory compliance investigations
  • A concise Action Guide to support your dialogue with contractors
  • The Public Buyer toolkit with easy-to-use tools that guide procurement staff and contractors
  • Individualised support in developing tenders
  • Platforms to engage with industry to address systemic issues
  • Access to webinars, conferences and networks to promote social responsibility in ICT supply chains

Because Electronics Watch operates on a not-for-profit and affiliations basis the cost to each affiliate is a fraction of what it would otherwise be.  Affiliates pool their resources through annual affiliation fees and together contribute to the overall costs of maintaining an international monitoring network and conducting investigatory and improvement activities.

All affiliates have a voice in Electronics Watch through their representatives on the Board of Trustees. We also encourage affiliates to participate in advisory boards and working groups.

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