2020 June 15

Company Performance Tracker Measures Industry Engagement

Electronics Watch has released a new tool that will allow affiliates to track the performance of companies in their supply chains. Developed with critical input from affiliates, the Company Performance Tracker (CPT) evaluates company performance of their contractual obligations to protect the rights of workers in electronics supply chains. The tool also takes into account comments from industry representatives.

Industry engagement is at the centre of the Electronics Watch model so it is vital to understand and measure how contractors and brands engage with affiliates and Electronics Watch. The CPT focuses on two processes: supply chain transparency—that is, contractors’ disclosures of data on final-assembly and component factories linked to products affiliates buy—and engagement towards remediation and improvements in single factories following Electronics Watch reports on labour rights breaches. Insights into how well companies have performed in both instances will enable affiliates to transparently set, and raise, compliance standards with each of their suppliers. Affiliates will be able to use the CPT scores to inform their regular communication with suppliers, in market engagements or generally during procurement processes.

The Scoring Guide for the Company Performance Tracker is a public document that explains the scoring methodology and process. The Guide helps all stakeholders understand how Electronics Watch measures performance and scores compliance. CPT scores and scoring reports will only be available to affiliates and relevant companies.

Electronics Watch will review the CPT scoring system every two years with input from all stakeholders.