Contractor Guidance

"Dare I say the most definitive and authoritative collection of operational guidelines for public sector buyers working with manufacturers and brands in the global electronics industry."

Andy Davies, London Universities' Purchasing Consortium

Download the Contractor Guidance

The Electronics Watch Contractor Guidance is a detailed and comprehensive due diligence guide for ICT hardware contractors that sell products to public sector buyers.

It is designed to help these contractors comply with the Electronics Watch Contract Conditions and similar contract performance standards that aim to improve working conditions in factories that make the goods public sector organisations buy.

The Guidance defines 10 concrete outcomes to enhance:

  • supply chain transparency,
  • industry cooperation with independent monitors, and
  • factory compliance with labour rights and safety standards.

Contractors must achieve outcomes within their direct control, and demonstrate effective due diligence towards achieving other outcomes.

The Guidance has been developed through consultations with a wide range of stakeholders and is based on the practical experience of Electronics Watch affiliates. It will be reviewed and updated annually based on comments from affiliates, civil society monitoring partners, contractors, suppliers, factories, workers and workers' organisations, experts on human rights and procurement, and others. We welcome your ideas.