2021 February 9

Dataport Affiliates to Electronics Watch

Dataport, the IT service provider for municipal government organizations in six German states: Bremen, Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Schleswig-Holstein, has affiliated to Electronics Watch for an initial period of six years.

Since 2013 Dataport has been a leader in socially responsible public procurement in Germany. The organisation established its dialogue-oriented supplier engagement to set ILO core labour standards in its supply chains and be able to engage with its suppliers on compliance during contract management. Affiliating to Electronics Watch will allow Dataport to include independent monitoring and industry engagement expertise into the process. This will strengthen Dataport's work towards sustainably improving working conditions in its supply chains through dialogue between procurers, suppliers and manufacturers.

"Sustainability also has a social dimension for Dataport. And this extends to the working conditions in the production of the electronic products we purchase. We equip around 100,000 work spaces in public administrations. This gives us a great responsibility and we act accordingly," says Johann Bizer, CEO of Dataport. "By affiliating to Electronics Watch, we want to ensure that our high standards are also met."

Peter Pawlicki, Director of Outreach and Education for Electronics Watch, said: "Electronics Watch is very happy to be working with one of Europe's leaders in socially responsible public procurement of ICT in the coming years. Bringing together both organisations' experience in industry engagement will drive improvements for workers in the electronics supply chains."