2021 July 13

Electronics Watch Begins Monitoring Work in Taiwan

Electronics Watch has embarked on a new chapter of its monitoring program in Taiwan. The pandemic in 2020 drew attention to the precarity of the supply chains and the importance of Taiwan for its key role in chip production. Taiwan produces cutting edge chips for the leading electronics companies and is crucial to the global semiconductor supply chain. Electronics Watch is now embarking on a pilot project with Serve the People Association (SPA), Taoyuan, to look at the risk of forced labour in workers manufacturing chips in Taiwan and to build a long-term sustainable partnership that respects and supports workers' rights.

SPA is a labor organization working to help local Taiwanese and migrant workers improve their living and working conditions and social protection, eliminate discrimination and promote fair recruitment. They do this through mediation meetings, education, advocacy, consultation, organizing, assisting workers to complain and offering shelters. SPA also actively participates in several alliances with local and international groups to promote the social justice, living and working condition for migrant workers.