2023 July 26

Electronics Watch joins CFIT as a supporting organisation

Electronics Watch has recently joined the Circular & Fair ICT Pact (CFIT), an initiative under the Sustainable Public Procurement Programme of the UN One Planet Network.

Set up by the Dutch government, the CFIT Pact is open to any organisation procuring ICT. It supports frontrunners in the field who want to make more impact together, as well as those who simply want to know how to make their own procurement fairer and more circular. Members include governments and public bodies who support buyer groups, and CFIT sees this collaboration as crucial in building up collective procurement power.

Collaboration and knowledge sharing are key to the CFIT model: later this year it will launch a Community of Practice focusing on transparency and due diligence. This will help public buyers to learn from one another, avoid duplication of efforts and drive positive change, fostering an environment of ethical procurement.

Electronics Watch has joined as a supporting organisation, meaning we will help to promote the Pact, and share knowledge and experience with both CFIT participants and other supporting organisations.

Marieke Weerdesteijn, Programme Manager of CFIT, said: "Electronics Watch and its partners have valuable experience, that no doubt will support CFIT and its participants in finding solutions to better incorporate due diligence and transparency in procurement of ICT – which are two of the commitments of the CFIT Framework".

Find out more about CFIT at https://circularandfairictpact.com/