2024 March 25

Electronics Watch launches ambitious new Strategic Plan 2024-28

Over the next five years, this Strategic Plan will guide us and our partners to defend the human rights of workers in global supply chains, to support a just transition and to counter authoritarianism with workplace democracy.

It is designed to meet the challenges of our times and seize all opportunities to drive our mission: to use public procurement leverage to promote and protect the rights of workers in global supply chains.

Our six overarching goals are:

  • Public buyers use their leverage effectively to protect and promote workers' rights in their supply chains.
  • Public buyers demand and use quality evidence for effective human rights due diligence and corporate accountability in their supply chains.
  • Workers exercise their right to organise and access remedy with support from affiliated public buyers.
  • Companies demonstrate accountability and human rights due diligence in public procurement supply chains.
  • Electronics Watch strengthens and expands its impact model.
  • Electronics Watch functions as a values-based organisation and delivers professional excellence.

You can read the detailed objectives we have set under each goal:


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We've also taken this opportunity to refresh the Electronics Watch Vision and Mission, and publish our organisational values: you can find them here.