2020 July 17

Electronics Watch Releases Monitoring Methodology Guidance 1.0

Based on extensive consultations with monitoring and auditing experts, this Guidance standardizes and explains the Electronics Watch worker-driven monitoring methodology step by step. It is intended to ensure Electronics Watch monitoring everywhere follows the same high standard and can drive the change that is needed on the ground.

The Guidance builds on the Electronics Watch three pillars for change:

  • Worker-driven monitoring to detect the problems and help shape the solutions;
  • Coordinated public buyer demand for decent working conditions in their electronics supply chains; and
  • Constructive engagement with companies to remedy violations and improve conditions.

Within this context, the Guidance is designed to help monitoring partners gather, analyse, and report evidence that a public buyer could use to drive improvements in their supply chain and, if necessary, hold companies accountable for failure to comply with worker rights standards. The Guidance includes separate chapters on preparing for monitoring, selecting appropriate methods, and getting and analysing evidence. Annexes, available to monitoring partners only, include sample questionnaires and other research tools.