2017 November 6

Electronics Watch Releases Risk Assessment of the Electronics Industry in India

Electronics Watch has released a Regional Risk Assessment of the Electronics Industry in India.  The report documents factory compliance with labour laws in India and the Electronics Watch Code of Labour Standards in order to highlight the risks workers face.  Precarious workers—temporary, contract, daily-wage, apprentices and trainees—are particularly vulnerable to labour rights abuses, the report shows.


Cividep India, an Electronics Watch monitoring partner, conducted the research for this risk assessment, using multiple sources of data and methodologies, including original worker and management interviews.  A version of this risk assessment intended for affiliates includes a risk assessment tool that can be used to promote dialogue on how contractors, brand suppliers, and contracting authorities can avoid practices that may cause or contribute to breaches of labour rights and safety standards.

Electronics Watch has also initiated monitoring activities in Indonesia in collaboration with the Sedane Labour Resource Centre (Lembaga Informasi Perburuhan Sedane - LIPS), while continuing several investigations in China and elsewhere.