2020 November 26

Electronics Watch to Launch OHS Advisory Panel at Next Week’s Summit

One of the more serious and endemic occupational health and safety problems in the global electronics industry has long been worker exposure to a wide range of toxic chemicals, used today in Asia even though they may be banned in Europe and other parts of the world. This and other health hazards require technical expertise to prevent worker exposure and introduce adequate industrial hygiene measures. Electronics Watch is developing our capacity to meet this need with a new OHS Advisory Panel whose members have expertise in occupational health and safety, chemical use and safety and medicine.

Electronics Watch often learn about workers who are sick from exposure to toxic chemicals they handle all day, every day. They may have skin rashes, eye irritation, respiratory problems, or cancers. Some chemicals used in manufacturing are reproductive toxins and affect the developing foetus. Workers also report a range of other health impacts, such as deteriorating eyesight, frequent urinary tract infections, irregular periods, persistent coughs, asthma, frequent headaches and dizziness, fatigue and fainting. The psychological stresses of the work environment can be severe and increase risk of worker suicide.

The new OHS Advisory Panel, to be launched at next week's Summit, will be available to support monitoring partners to detect and understand health hazards in factories, and also to guide affiliates' engagement with suppliers on health and safety issues. If you believe you have the expertise to contribute to this work we welcome you to contact us.