2014 July 2

Electronics Watch welcomes its first staff member

Electronics Watch is glad to present Björn Skorpen Claeson as its new Affiliations and Fundraising Coordinator, who will work from his base in Sweden for Electronics Watch. He brings years of experience and expertise in protecting workers rights’ around the world through socially responsible public procurement initiatives.

Claeson has had a long career working with activists and government agencies on all levels from organising community‐based campaigns and coordinating national networks to founding organisations to create a cohesive national movement for socially responsible or “sweatfree” public procurement. He is a cofounder of the Sweatfree Purchasing Consortium as well a Researcher and Policy Analyst at the International Labor Rights Forum.

The new Coordinator will be Electronics Watch’s direct point of contact with affiliated public sector bodies and will support the work of the Advisory Group as well as that of the Board of Trustees. The partner organisations currently working to launch Electronics Watch will also be able to count on his experience and advice in raising funds to contribute to the sustainability of this project. His position is therefore a cornerstone in Electronics Watch as well as its most visible face.

We kindly welcome Björn Claeson to this new post.