2024 June 28

Electronics Watch welcomes the University of Bonn as a new affiliate

Electronics Watch is pleased to announce that the University of Bonn has joined our network of affiliates, furthering their commitment to sustainable and ethical supply chains. A certified Fairtrade University since 2020, they have been at the forefront of fostering a culture of sustainability through initiatives like the Bonn Program for Sustainable Transformation.

Britta Hellhammer, from the University of Bonn, commented: "The University of Bonn is delighted to have joined Electronics Watch. This marks an important step for us in our efforts to align our supply chains even more closely with sustainable and ethical criteria, an area in which the public sector must lead by example. By cooperating with other public sector institutions under the Electronics Watch umbrella, we will achieve greater impact and harness synergy effects in a logical way. Together we will make a difference!"

With the University of Bonn's affiliation, Electronics Watch continues to expand its network in Germany, enhancing our collective ability to drive positive change in labour conditions within the electronics industry.