2023 July 5

Growth in every aspect - the key takeaway from 2022

As our recently released Annual Report shows, growth was the theme for 2022. Our team expanded from seven to seventeen with the support of affiliates and new funders. And our capacity to help public sector organisations protect the rights of workers in their electronics supply chains increased substantially.

We welcomed 10 new affiliates from eight countries, and scaled up our level of service to affiliates to help them incorporate Electronics Watch tools and reports in their engagement with suppliers. As a result, we saw ICT companies making a transparency leap, with more than 40 brands now disclosing at least tier one assembly facilities to affiliates. We invested in monitoring methodology training and development of effective grievance mechanisms with our monitoring partners, now in 12 electronics manufacturing regions and four mining regions. We have expanded our impact model from ICT to low-emission vehicles, working with a group of nine pioneering public buyers. And we launched an impact and innovation programme exploring creative ways to support public buyers in yet more product categories, while also learning from other sectors how to improve our work in electronics.


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