2019 October 22

New Regional Risk Assessment: The Electronics Industry in Vietnam

Electronics Watch has released a regional risk assessment of the electronics industry in Vietnam which suggests that risks of breach in the areas of freedom of employment, freedom of association, working hours, and health and safety are of particular concern. A research team with the Center for Development and Integration (CDI) in Vietnam conducted the risk assessment.

Significant risks explained in the report include:

  • Excessive overtime. While workers may desire overtime because the overtime pay may account for a significant part of their income, workers also report forced overtime beyond the legal limit.
  • A policy of “six-month contracts” for female workers in order to reduce enterprises’ obligation with pregnant female workers.
  • Workers unable to practice collective bargaining when the unions are dependent on management.
  • Exposure to chemicals and noise at work that impact workers’ health and may cause frequent fatigue, pain, nausea, fainting, miscarriages and menstruation problems for women.

The risk assessment is based on CDI worker surveys, review of the secondary data, and expert interviews. A multi-stakeholder focus group with representatives from trade unions, business, NGOs and academic organisations reviewed and commented on draft findings of the report.