2023 April 18

New Terms of Engagement between Electronics Watch and the Responsible Business Alliance

In March 2023, Electronics Watch and the Responsible Business Alliance updated the Terms of Engagement agreed in 2021. The new terms reflect lessons learned and include several improvements.

The Terms of Engagement is a formal agreement for timebound remediation of worker rights issues in the electronics supply chain. They apply to factories in Electronics Watch affiliates' supply chains that are owned by RBA members or their suppliers. The goal of the Terms is to improve collaboration towards compliance with internationally recognized codes and worker rights standards designed to protect workers and strengthen their capacity to defend their rights.

The Terms reflect affiliates' growing influence in the electronics industry and promote a collective approach on individual factory cases, based on shared responsibility. They are designed to complement other types of industry engagement, including direct dialogue between affiliates and their contractors.

The new version of the Terms includes several improvements, including a fast-track process for urgent issues, additional investigatory tools to support timely responses to workers' grievances, and improved coordination between the Electronics Watch monitoring partner and the RBA auditor or investigator. The parties are working to further align the Terms with evolving human rights and environmental due diligence guidance and regulations, including meaningful engagement with stakeholders and rightsholders throughout the process.