2023 June 13

Release of Joint Chemical Safety Committee Guidance

The Clean Electronics Production Network (CEPN) has released Joint Chemical Safety Committee Guidance covering the key elements for developing and running joint worker-management committees to address chemical safety concerns in electronics factories. The Guidance was developed with the active participation of Electronics Watch and fellow CEPN member organisations and expert advisors. Extensive consultation focused on active worker participation and management of the Committees.

CEPN launched the Toward Zero Exposure program in 2021 to support electronics companies in strengthening worker safety culture and reducing worker exposure to nine identified priority chemicals. These are to be substituted with safer alternatives within their facilities, as well as deeper into their supply chain. The founding signatories to this program, Apple, Dell, HP and Fairphone, have committed to replace the nine identified priority chemicals in tier 1 facilities of their supply chains by 2024.

Electronics Watch affiliates can engage with companies who are signatories to this program to implement safety committees in the facilities they are procuring from. Active worker participation and trade union representation in these safety committees will help ensure they are driving changes for their health and safety at work.