2015 December 21

The University of Barcelona – committed to improving workers’ rights in the global electronics sector

The University of Barcelona will become the first public institution of Spain to join Electronics Watch. The ​public higher education institution invests substantially in electronic equipment such as desktops, laptops and other electronic devices. Now, in this collaboration with Electronics Watch and the rest of the European affiliates, the University of Barcelona will use its purchasing power to have a real impact on working conditions in the global electronics sector.

The University stated:

"As a member of Electronics Watch, the University of Barcelona, committed to social responsibility, is joining the global drive to... monitor working conditions in production facilities, and in this way, improve them"

Alba Trepat, affiliations coordinator at SETEM Catalunya remarked:

"The University of Barcelona has shown great interest in Electronics Watch from the outset and a high level of commitment to workers' rights in the global electronics sector. Their affiliation is absolutely pioneer in Catalunya and gives the example of social responsibility that we hope paves the way for other universities and institutions in the country."