2015 October 28

University of Leicester joins growing number of European public institutions to work towards better labour conditions for workers

The University of Leicester has affiliated to Electronics Watch, joining a growing number of public bodies who share concerns over poor labour standards in the ICT supply chain. By joining Electronics Watch, The University of Leicester are pushing for better conditions for workers in the supply chains of the brands it has contracts with, and support monitoring of the factories they use.

James Trotter, University of Leicester Procurement Manager: "Affiliation to Electronics Watch is a major step forward in bringing our new Procurement Strategy to life. Sustainability is central to our strategy, and so having access to contract conditions that set workers' rights along our IT hardware supply chains, as well as a monitoring network for checking compliance with these standards, is entirely in keeping with our ambition."

Jim Cranshaw, People and Planet: "We are absolutely delighted that the University of Leicester is using its leverage and is pushing for ethical supply chains in its ICT contracts. The University of Leicester has highlighted how public bodies, in particular universities, can take a positive and effective stand against sweatshop conditions. I look forward to more universities and public bodies joining the growing demand for a sweatshop free future and signing up to Electronics Watch."

Edmund Spanner, Leicester Student: "I am glad that the University has listened to students and is affiliating to Electronics Watch. Universities have a duty to make sure they are actively promoting values that public education should be about: fairness, cooperation and solidarity. Today I'm proud to say that I am a student here."