2023 June 30

Victory for trade union rights in Czechia

Electronics Watch is now able to publicly release another of its impact stories. This time from a Foxconn factory in Czechia, which supplies HPE servers to many of our affiliates. There were substantial improvements in core labour rights areas in this case – the result of meaningful stakeholder engagement throughout the remediation process.

Workers at the Kutná Hora factory, concerned for their safety during the Covid pandemic, initiated a petition asking for temporary closure and halt of production. The trade union reported receiving threats. On receipt of a worker complaint, Electronics Watch initiated an investigation which found violation of several areas of the code, including freedom of association, discrimination, wages and working hours.

Both HPE and Foxconn engaged. Affiliates communicated directly to HPE and its suppliers. At every step of the way, the parties demonstrated a commitment to evidence-based findings and remediation. Foxconn undertook corrective action in the above-mentioned areas of concern.

Most critical was the trade union's central role, both in contributing to the investigations of Electronics Watch and HPE, and in negotiating with Foxconn. The fact that the trade union has been strengthened creates hope for sustainable improvements.

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