2015 June 23

Video calls upon public institutions to speak with one voice by affiliating to Electronics Watch

The new video is part of a campaign by several organisations to encourage public procurers to use their power and come together to demand better conditions for workers in the global electronics industry.

The documentary shows testimonies from electronics industry workers, including Mi Yeon Kim, a Samsung worker in Korea, who explains how the conditions in the semiconductor factory where she worked caused her to lose a baby and needing to undergo cancer treatment.

The video also includes statements from Andy Davies from London University Purchases Consortium, affiliate of Electronics Watch, who explains that "it is absolutely essential that public sector services can be delivered without causing harm to others" and Electronics Watch Trustee Jim Cranshaw, who highlights how "Electronics Watch enables the public sector to speak with one voice to the market by using common tools and common contracts and it monitors factories so the public sector can find out what's actually going on".

Electronics Watch welcomes this new tool in support of their objectives, and encourage viewers to help disseminate it to increase awareness and emphasise the importance of Socially Responsible Public Procurement.

Watch the video here.