Virtual Summit 2023

Join our 2023 Virtual Summit for a high-level exploration of the ways in which public buyers and workers are advancing human rights together. Beginning with Electronics Watch highlights from the last year, we will explore the potential of the current regulatory environment to advance worker rights, and discuss how and why climate commitments must be aligned with human rights protections. The Virtual Summit will provide a forum for our monitoring partners and public buyers to share their stories, as well as offering a preview of Electronics Watch strategic directions over the next five years.

DAY 1 – 10am-12pm CET, 14th November (Public session)

Opening: Welcome from Executive Director Björn Claeson, Electronics Watch highlights from the last year, and headlines from our new strategy.

Panel discussion: Advancing workers' rights in public buyers supply chains: the potential of the regulatory environment

This session will highlight how public buyers are setting expectations and demonstrating higher standards for human rights due diligence, with a focus on the wider regulatory environment.

Covering both policy and practice, speakers will explore topics including international regulations and the impact of the CSDDD on European procurement, and look at some of the compliance systems being developed for the German supply chain act. We will also discuss industry reactions to the Norway Transparency Act and the ways in which public buyers trying to leverage this legislation to increase transparency and traceability, as well as modern slavery in Australia and the reasons New South Wales decided to go beyond national legislation.

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DAY 2 – 10am-11:30am CET, 15th November (Public session)

Battery supply chains: human rights violations and due diligence

Focusing on mining and battery manufacturing, the second day of the Virtual Summit will explore human rights and labour rights violations in battery supply chains. The round table discussion will include an overview of Electronics Watch monitoring in mines and our Low Emission Vehicle Programme (LEVP), as well as insights into conditions in mines across DRC and sub–Saharan Africa, and battery manufacturing facilities in Hungary. We will also hear from public buyers, who will discuss their activities to establish human rights due diligence in their battery supply chains.

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DAY 3 – 10am–11:30am CET, 16th November (Affiliates only session)

Stories of challenge and change: monitoring partners and public buyers in conversation

In this closed-doors session, Electronics Watch monitoring partners and affiliates will discuss systemic issues facing workers in global electronics supply chains. Monitors will share on-the-ground insights related to freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining, forced labour, and challenges to achieving a living wage across the supply chain. Affiliates will share their efforts to address these issues, including how they use evidence from worker-driven monitoring to inform their supplier dialogue. The session creates a space for sharing, exchange, learning and discussion for both affiliates and monitoring partners.

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