2017 March 20

Guidance for Contractors under development

Electronics Watch has produced draft guidance to help contractors comply with Electronics Watch related contract clauses and is currently soliciting stakeholder comments from a wide range of public sector procurers, labour rights organisations, companies and industry organisations. Intended for IT suppliers that have contracts with Electronics Watch affiliates, the Guidance defines the concrete, time-bound due diligence steps contractors must take towards complying with labour rights and safety standards in global supply chains, achieving supply chain transparency, and cooperating with Electronics Watch monitors.

The Electronics Watch contract clauses are based on internationally accepted standards of due diligence and reflect the requirements of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.  While a large IT brand has more leverage over its supply chain than a small distributor, and while a large brand will be able to do more to improve the working conditions in its supplier factories than a small distributor, the requirements to respect human rights in supply chains apply to all businesses "regardless of their size, sector, operational context, ownership and structure" (UNGP 14).   Accordingly, the Guidance is intended to describe a feasible path for businesses of all sizes and types to comply with the Electronics Watch contract clauses, while increasing expectations for labour rights and safety compliance and transparency throughout the supply chain.

If you represent a stakeholder group, please feel free to request a copy of the draft Contractor Guidance from Electronics Watch.