2018 February 5

Don’t miss…

Here are the upcoming events that Electronics Watch is organising or participating in during the coming months. European, International, and not forgetting online—we hope to see you there!

International Social Conditions in Practice, Utrecht, 13 February organised by PIANOo and Electronics Watch, in collaboration with the Municipality of Utrecht, SOMO and IUC-Noord. Intended for both buyers/contracting authorities, suppliers and brands, the event will explore the main issues within international social conditions and discuss how the Electronics Watch toolkit leads to compliance. Register here.

Electronics Watch Webinar: “Knowing and showing your supply chain”, 21 February, 1pm-2pm CET featuring Robert Stumberg, Professor of law at Georgetown University Law Center, where he directs the Harrison Institute for Public Law.  With conflicting definitions and methodologies, transparency talk in procurement can be confusing. In this webinar, we look at what transparency really is and why it’s so important. We break down the concept into clear and manageable parts - ‘How can you know your supply chain?’ and ‘How can you show your supply chain?’, and explore how Electronics Watch can support both of these steps. This is part of a series of Electronics Watch webinars, free and open public buyers primarily. Register here.

III Mobile Social Congress: “For a fair electronic model”, Barcelona, 27-28 February. Once again, the Mobile Social Congress is back, the alternative to the Mobile World Congress, organized by SETEM Catalunya, including round tables, seminars, workshops and other activities to discuss technological sovereignty, women and technology, network security and human and labour rights violations throughout the supply chain, from mining to manufacturing. Electronics Watch will be there, so look out for us!

“Challenging the sustainability of the global ICT supply chain: from mining to procurement”, Brussels, 8 March. KU Leuven and CATAPA are organising this symposium on how consumers and public buyers can contribute towards more sustainable procurement and a circular economy. Targeting universities’ procurement specialists, teaching staff and students researching sustainability, the symposium will look at questions such as: How can the security of local populations around mines be ensured? How can the situation of workers at manufacturing companies be improved? And how can public buyers and individual consumers contribute to this process? This event is organised in the context of the EC funded Make ICT Fair project of which Electronics Watch is a partner.

National Round-table on Working Conditions and Social Dialogue in the Indian Electronics Industry, Chennai, 9 March organised by Cividep, Good Electronics and Electronics Watch. This National Round-Table will bring together global brands, supplier companies, workers, researchers, trade unionists, and civil society organisations to faciliate discussion on issues such as supply chain transparency; social dialogue across the sector; labour issues (wages, working conditions, contract labour and social protection) and occupational health and safety. Electronics Watch will also participate in a training programme on "global supply chains and monitoring working conditions" for electronics workers and union leaders, following the roundtable.

The 15th Procura+ Seminar, Oslo, 21 - 22 March organised by The City of Oslo and ICLEI, brings together Procura+ Network participants and strategic partners, including Electronics Watch, practitioners, experts, and policy makers from across Europe.  This event will explore procurement concepts and issues through the lens of real-life examples and experiences, discuss policy and strategic developments, from European level to city level, and present “the initiatives that matter in procurement right now.”