2020 June 17

New assessment tool ‘Human Rights Due Diligence and Covid-19'

Electronics Watch has just released the new assessment tool 'Human Rights Due Diligence and Covid-19 - Assessment of Public Buyers' ICT Supply Chains'. It supports public buyers in their efforts to ensure human rights due diligence in their supply chains in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. The tool consists of questions public buyers can pose to their suppliers about occupational health and safety, labour rights, and other supply chain issues that Covid-19 impact. Public buyers can use the tool as a self-assessment questionnaire for suppliers and/or a guidance for human rights due diligence.


"We are very excited to have worked with the experts at the United Nation's Development Programme. Our new tool will support our affiliates as well as all public buyers in their need to better understand the current situation in their electronics supply chains. The Covid-19 crisis has shown how important strong social standards are for the resilience of supply chains." -- Peter Pawlicki, Electronics Watch.

Also available in Spanish