2017 July 6

Combating Precarious Work in the Electronics Industry: Monitoring, Webinars, and the 2017 Electronics Watch Conference

Because precarious work so profoundly impacts workers' day-to-day work experience, restricts their possibility for a voice in the workplace, and undermines their economic security, Electronics Watch seeks to identify, mitigate and prevent harm to workers associated with precarious work arrangements, whether legal or illegal.  Following are some of the activities that are being conducted specifically around this theme.

Two webinars for affiliates – the first: Precarious Work in Czechia and China (May 2017) featured Marek Čaněk of MKC Praha and Dimitri Kessler of the Economic Rights Institute and the second: Precarious Work in India & the Philippines (June 2017), featured Anibel Ferus-Comelo of Cividep and Daisy Arago, Executive Director of the Center for Trade Union and Human Rights. The webinars presented findings and recommendations of Electronics Watch factory compliance reports and regional risk assessments. In each case affiliates heard how different forms of flexible or precarious work are exacerbating the risk of harm to workers in areas such as job and social security, health and safety, working hours, and freedom of association. The third in the series will take place in Autumn.

The Electronics Watch Conference 2017 and Affiliate Meeting: Ending Precarious Labour - Public Buyers' Role in Protecting the Rights of Electronics Workers, on December 6-7 at the Queen Mary University of London, will also focus on precarious labour in the electronics industry and explore ways in which public sector buyers can help protect the rights of workers in unreliable and often abusive forms of employment.  As in previous years, the Conference will feature leading practitioners in the field of socially responsible public procurement, experts in international labour rights, and workplace monitors from electronics production regions around the world.   If you are interested in participating in the conference we invite you to contact Martina. Please note that conference space is limited and priority access is for public buyers.

If you have conducted research on precarious work in the electronics sector we invite you to get in touch.