2016 November 14

Electronics Watch Crosses the Atlantic

Electronics Watch has just welcomed the first US affiliate, Ethical Culture Fieldston School (ECFS) in New York. Jeannie Crowley, Director of Technology at ECFS said: "The mission of our school is not the adaptation of the individual to the existing social environment; it is to develop individuals who are competent to change their environment to greater conformity with moral ideals. Through our partnership with the Electronics Watch, we will ensure our technology department meets the ECFS mission by committing to socially responsible procurement. By weaving the risk reports into our ethics and technology curriculum, this partnership will also help our students develop a deeper understanding of the true cost, both environmental and human, of electronic device production."

We are also happy to welcome Kingston University in the UK.  Operations Sustainability Manager Rhiannon Ford said: "Kingston University is keen to develop links with international institutions, for example in India and China. We cannot, however, ignore the fact that we are also sourcing electronics equipment from these areas, where it has been claimed that workers are not afforded the same rights as in the UK.  We therefore intend to use our Electronics Watch membership to give us greater visibility of the supply chains we employ, and to work with the sector and our suppliers to monitor and improve conditions.  This will not only give us greater confidence in the products we are purchasing and support workers and families involved in manufacturing, but sharing the outcomes with the student body will help us in our commitment to developing graduates with a truly global perspective."

Also this autumn, Tower Hamlets London Borough Council in Greater London, United Kingdom has become the first UK council to affiliate to Electronics Watch. Electronics Watch is delighted to be broadening both the geographical and institutional scope of affiliates and looks forward to a fruitful collaboration.