2015 April 8

Aberdeen University puts it’s procurement power to positive effect

The University of Aberdeen has officially joined other institutions to take a stand on the issue of labour rights in the electronics industry. Using their spending power to push for fair electronics, they have affiliated to Electronics Watch, an independent worker rights monitoring organisation growing in popularity across the public sector.

The electronics industry is predicted to grow at 6.7% per year until 2018 and the public sector is one of the driving forces behind this growth, with 1 in 5 computers bought in Europe going to the public sector. Therefore, by utilising this buying power, Electronics Watch can put significant pressure on electronics companies, create real change, and help universities, like the University of Aberdeen to put their Sustainability and Social Responsibility Strategy into action.

Maggie Chapman, Rector, said, "I am delighted that the University has agreed to sign up to Electronics Watch. It is so important that we recognise the importance of workers' rights. It is also testament to the hard work of People & Planet, and I congratulate them for raising the profile of ethical employment, and ensuring that the University puts its significant resources and procurement power to positive effect".

Dominic O'Hagan, President for Environment and Ethics at Aberdeen University Students' Association, said: "I am delighted that the university has taken on board student's concerns around ethical procurement. The university's affiliation to Electronics Watch highlights the success that Aberdeen University Students Association and students have had in presenting the case for ethically run public institutions".

If you are interested in affiliating, please write to affiliate@electronicswatch.org.

If you want to read more about our Founding Members Scheme and how to affiliate, click here.