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2015 Oct 28

University of Leicester joins growing number of European public institutions to work towards better labour conditions for workers

The University of Leicester has affiliated to Electronics Watch, joining a growing number of public bodies who share concerns over poor labour standards in the ICT supply chain. By joining Electronics Watch, The University of Leicester are pushing for better conditions for workers in the supply chains of the brands it has contracts with, and support monitoring of the factories they use.

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2015 Jun 11

Utrecht sets example for other European cities by affiliating to Electronics Watch

Following an initiative by the Green Party ('GroenLinks'), Utrecht's municipal council has decided to affiliate to Electronics Watch. The municipality is walking in the footsteps of other European public purchasers who have rallied forces to stimulate structural improvements among their suppliers of electronics. Utrecht is the first municipality to affiliate to Electronics Watch. The city's university hospital UMC Utrecht has already affiliated.

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2015 May 1

First Dutch affiliate of Electronics Watch

The University Medical Center Utrecht (UMC Utrecht) becomes the first public body from the Netherlands, and the first hospital, to affiliate to Electronics Watch. By doing so, they join forces with other public European purchasing organisations who want to promote structural improvements in the electronics sector.

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2015 Apr 8

Aberdeen University puts it’s procurement power to positive effect

The University of Aberdeen has officially joined other institutions to take a stand on the issue of labour rights in the electronics industry. Using their spending power to push for fair electronics, they have affiliated to Electronics Watch, an independent worker rights monitoring organisation growing in popularity across the public sector.

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2015 Mar 16

Electronics Watch foundation is formally established under Dutch law

Years of hard work paid off this week, with the legal establishment of the Electronics Watch foundation, whose mission is to achieve respect for labour rights in the global electronics industry through socially responsible public purchasing in Europe. This milestone marks the official launch of its work to monitor the electronics factories of its affiliate members, and push for better conditions for workers in electronics supply chains across the globe.

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Electronics assembly
2015 Mar 8

Electronics Watch is excited to welcome its newly selected Board of Trustees

We are very proud and excited to welcome the newly selected Board of Trustees (BoT) to Electronics Watch. Possessing a wide assortment of skills, expertise, cultural diversity, and deep knowledge of the regions of electronics production, they will work closely with Electronics Watch for at least the next two years on improving workers' rights in the global electronics industry.

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